leonaI am a freelancing consultant in the field of international cooperation and I offer my services to humanitarian organizations around the globe.

Through my academic education in Geography, Economics and African Studies as well as 11 years of progressively responsible experience in different humanitarian set-ups, I possess a solid foundation of scientific, institutional and practical knowledge in the field of international development cooperation and disaster risk management.

Over the past years I elaborated, implemented, monitored and evaluated numerous projects for different organizations in about 20 countries. The extensive headquarter, regional and field experience I gained, constitutes the basis for the range of services I provide as a consultant. Among them, the design and elaboration of project proposals and strategy documents, the execution of evaluations and case studies, as well as general consulting services on different technical subjects.

My organizational, management and problem solving skills are well-structured along priorities and objectives and I analyse complex information efficiently and process it timely in view of deadlines. I have strong team leading skills, but am also able to work independently and flexibly along the existing organizational policies, even in dynamic and challenging environments.
Throughout my previous work, I asserted myself interacting with different stakeholders, such as government authorities, NGOs, donors and the communities themselves. I have excellent communication skills, demonstrated through tailored language, tone and format to match different audiences in a culturally insightful and diplomatic way.

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