Development of Integrated Programme Strategy, German Red Cross (Philippines)

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Asia
Development of Integrated Programme Strategy, German Red Cross (Philippines)

During this 6 weeks consultancy mission, I elaborated a detailed program strategy for the management of integrated livelihood, DRR and CCA activities in the frame of GRC’s Haiyan Recovery intervention. This process involved the conceptualization and facilitation of a workshop on Integrated Programme Management with the in-country Project Team, as well as the elaboration of practical guidelines on the matter.

The practical guidelines served to support the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) / German Red Cross (GRC) Programme Team during the planning, implementation and monitoring of the integrated Haiyan Recovery Operation. Building community resilience, which is the overall goal of the Programme, requires a holistic and multi-sector approach. This means that a community’s risks, vulnerabilities, needs and capacities need to be addressed in an all-encompassing way, at the same time, and during all phases of the project cycle (assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting). The guidelines serve as a reference and reflect a best case scenario.

Based on the participatory process, the document outlines concrete steps based on the realistic situation faced by the programme teams in the field. Its aim is to guide them during the upcoming 6 months of the project activities, to strengthen their common understanding on integrated programming and to communicate and disseminate it among the team, other stakeholders and the beneficiaries of the intervention.

The guidelines are to be read and used by all project staff who are involved in the design, planning, management and implementation as well as monitoring of the program. They are meant to provide support for the Head of Office, project delegates and programme coordinators and the team leaders.

Furthermore, I developed practical guidelines regarding the mainstreaming of DRR and CCA activities in shelter, livelihood and WASH project activities.